Destination: Uruguay

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Uruguay – Active Uruguay Bicycle and Hiking Tour 2023

Uruguay is one of South America’s best kept secrets! Counting 600 kilometers of coastline with beautiful untouched sandy beaches as well as stunning landscapes in the interior of the country along with Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and British influences make Uruguay a small country with a lot to offer. While the people in the bigger cities on the coast of the River Plate mostly live a modern life style you can still find real “gauchos”, the South American “cowboys”, leading a more traditional country life in the interior of Uruguay. Uruguayans are a kind and welcoming people with a great love for “mate”, a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink, “asado” (BBQ), carnival and of course football. When you first arrive in Uruguay you will be surprised to see people walking in the streets or waiting on the bus with their “mate” in their hand and thermos flask tightly tucked under their arm.

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