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Slovenia – Hiking Juliana Trail Southeast Hiking Tour 2023

This popular hiking tour takes you on a walk around the southeastern section of the Julian Alps. The trails leads through bucolic valleys, across green plateaus, over high passes, along hidden paths of sparsely populated areas, through small tourist centres on the outskirts of the mountains. It follows the Sava, Bača, and Tolminka rivers. Throughout most of the hike, Slovenia’s highest mountain Triglav is visible from all sides. Along the way, you will discover the history of ironworks in Slovenia, get to know the homes of the great Slovenian writers and poets and learn about the importance of beekeeping in the past and today. You will get to meet ordinary people who live on secluded farms, meet cheesemakers who create their own products. Those interested in history will enjoy learning about major events here in the First and Second World War.

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Slovenia – Julian Alps Peak Hiking Tour 2023

A walking holiday in the heart of the Julian Alps and along its mountain ridges. This is a stunning mountain hike, taking you through breathtaking alpine scenery and its many attractions, including Lakes Bled & Bohinj. Walk among the peaks of the Triglav National Park, and hike to the highest Slovene mountain, Triglav. Stay in alpine mountain huts and enjoy scenic view from your Bled hotel. Visit seven Triglav lakes and take a refreshing dip in Lake Bohinj.

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Slovenia – Italy – Alpe Adria Trail Hiking Tour 2023

Hiking in Slovenia, western part. A collection of different grade walks, from medium to hard, it features walks along mountain ridges, meadows and valley floors, slowly descending from north to south. This is a very picturesque alpine trail with stunning views at every turn, and is suitable for experienced walkers with appropriate equipment. Walk highlights include panoramic views from Vrsic mountain pass to the heart of the Julian Alps and a hike along one of the world’s most beautiful rivers, the Soca River. Visit two waterfalls in one day – Virje Waterfall and the mighty Boka Waterfall and visit WWW1 fortifications at the Isonzo front. Finally, a stop in Italy in the oldest pilgrimage town of the region, Castelmonte.

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Slovenia – Walking Lakes and Valleys Hiking Tour 2023

The Lakes and Valleys Walking Tour takes you through glorious alpine scenery and panoramic vistas. The highlights of this walk are the famous Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj along with Mount. Triglav National Park. The perfect mountain tour for lovers of stunning mountain vistas and enchanting valleys.  Tour highlights include hiking through lush alpine valleys, wildflower strewn meadows and pastures and deep canyons carved by mountain rivers.

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Slovenia – Hiking Juliana Trail Northwest Hiking Tour 2023

This fabulous hiking tour takes you on a trek around the northwestern section of the Julian Alps. Mountain lovers will be enthralled by the stunning alpine scenery, and history lovers will enjoy learning about major events that took place here in the First and Second World War. Trails will take you along mountain ridges, meadows and valley floors, slowly moving from east to west. Walk highlights include a walk through the stunning Tolmin gorge and deep canyons with thundering rapids. Listen to the sound of the mighty Boka Waterfall and swim in crystal clear alpine lakes. Not to miss a visit to the WW1 fortifications at the Isonzo front.

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