Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a guided tour and a self-guided tour?

A guided tour offers a full time guide to escort the group, someone who gives you all the history of the area and helps you navigate each day of your tour.  Guided groups usually have activities scheduled throughout the day, with some free time here and there to explore on your own. Usually, all or most meals are included.  If you like your time to be organized and predictable, a guided tour is for you!

A self-guided tour is a tour where all the main components of the tour are set up before you leave (hotel accommodations, tour maps, connections, equipment rental), but there is no guide to accompany you throughout the tour.  A self-guided tour offers you the opportunity to get up when you want, to travel at your own pace during the day (as long as you get to the next destination!) and to spend as much time at each attraction as you like.  Breakfast is always included, but often times you are on your own to explore local eateries for lunches and dinners. This type of travel is great for the confident traveler who likes a lot of flexibility in their experience.

Should I purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance?

Trip cancellation/interruption insurance is very important for every type of travel.  With the world being so fast paced, often we see delays or cancellations with flights, which can impact the start or end of your adventure.  Extra nights in hotels, meals and unforeseen transfers call all happen without you expecting it. Also, if something happens to you or someone in your group while on your adventure, and for some reason you need to return home earlier than expected, insurance can cover those expenses as well.

In a nutshell, insurance is something you should never leave home without.  We offer many competitive options for all ages and coverage requirements. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind!

What is the cancellation policy for my tour?

While no one ever wants to have to cancel a trip, sometimes it happens.  Every tour operator has their own cancellation policy, but often there is great flexibility when giving lots of advance notice (more than 90 days before departure). While your deposit is not refundable, given enough notice, you likely will not have to pay anything further.  If you need to cancel within 60 days of departure, some portion of your final payment may be refundable.  Usually within 30 days before departure, only a small amount of your payment may be refundable, if any.  We will always review the cancellation policy for your tour upon booking, and will do our best to accommodate you should you be unable to travel as planned.

If I book a bicycle tour, do I need to take my own bike?

If you have booked a guided or self-guided bicycle tour, there are always options to rent a bicycle in destination.  For guided tours, usually the bike rental cost is included in your tour price. For self-guided tours, you bike rental is an additional cost. All tour operators have great options for hybrid and e-bikes in a range of sizes, even for tallest of adventurers. They are specifically chosen for terrain and expectations of the route, and come with panniers to carry all your treasures. If you prefer your own bike, you can bring it, as long as you are comfortable with the extra effort of getting it on the plane and carting around the packaging for it. Most operators will do their best to accommodate you.

Do you cater to specialty diets?

Specialty diets are more common than in the past, and tour operators have changed with the times.  Most offer gluten free, vegetarian, low salt, vegan and dairy free on request.  While some operators do charge a small fee for the extra effort, others will do it without an extra fee.  While we usually ask you when you are booking your tour, please make sure we know what your specialty needs are, so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Is your company TICO licensed?

We are indeed a TICO licensed travel agency, and abide by all the requirements set out by TICO law.

Do you offer travel insurance?

We offer travel insurance through an established and internationally recognized insurance company.  There are many different options for cancellation/interruption as well as medical plans for travelers of all ages. There are even family plans and discounted rates for students.  We can review the options with you when you book your trip and answer any questions you may have.

What are my payment options for my trip?

When you book your trip, a deposit is required, between 20% and 30% depending on the operator.  The final payment is due 60 days before departure.  We take Visa, Mastercard, e-transfers and cheques as methods of payment.