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Czech Republic – Prague Round Trip Bicycle and Barge Tour 2024

The Czech Republic, the small country in the heart of Europe, impresses with its original river landscapes, picturesque villages and romantic castles, whose history and architecture can often be traced back to the middle Ages. Prague, known also as “the Golden City” and “the City of a Hundred Spires”, is both point of departure and final destination for this beautiful bike and barge tour along the Upper Moldova. In Czech called Vltava, and the huge Elbe River – when the bridges of the Vltava River are ablaze with sunlight and the spires of the castle sparkle in the light, then it becomes obvious that Prague has its nickname ”Golden City” with good reason! Multifaceted and unique, modern and at the same time aware of tradition – discover one of Europe’s most beautiful metropolises with its Old Town listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and cycle through unspoilt and sometimes gently hilly landscapes. And of course – the Czech Republic is well known for its world-famous beers but also for its good wines.

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