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Technical Characteristics:

Tour Profile: Medium.  You will walk along lovely footpaths along the coastline and in the highlands. Sardinia is mainly made out of limestone cliffs, which means that you will need to be surefooted because you will often be walking on rocky and stony paths. Good fitness is needed for the walks as you will be hiking for about 6.5 hours each day.

Total Distance: 81 km

Travel Season: Departures Thursdays and Saturdays from April 8 – June 17 and August 26 - October 21, 2023
Season 1: April 8 – April 29 and October 8 - October 21
Season 2: April 30 – May 20 and September 17 – October 7
Season 3: May 21 – June 17 and August 26 – September 16


Category: 4x 3*** hotels and 3x lovely shelters/refuges “Rifugio” (Golgo)
Please note: Due to staying in the refuges, there are not many single room places available on this tour

Unique walks between the mountains and the sea in Sardinia’s “Wild East” are awaiting you. Picturesque, rugged, spectacular, plain and simply wonderful! The daily routes offer a perfect mix: beautiful views of the rugged coastline, the blue glistening bays and the Mediterranean karst – this is an area of land that is full of colours and smells. The Gulf of Orosei and the Ogliastra are not known as the loveliest places in Sardinia for nothing. The peace that you get on these walks is unique and is perfect for watching the grazing flocks of sheep, the donkeys but also the eagles and the vultures. In the spring, you are surrounded by the flourishing and lovely scented blossom in Macchia, which emits all year around thanks to the fragrant aroma of the rosemary, bay trees and other Mediterranean herbs.


Day 1

Individual journey to Santa Maria Navarrese

The small coastal town is located in a picturesque location between the steep cliffs of the Gulf of Orosei and the long Ogliastra sandy beaches. To get in the mood for your tour, go for a leisurely stroll along the beach or why not go for a swim in the sea.

Day 2

Santa Maria Navarrese – Golgo 19 km + 920 m – 590 m

A path with great views way up above the coast brings you to the impressive Pedra Longa limestone peaks. Soon you turn inland and climb up small tracks below some impressive rock faces and up to the first mountain top. You will keep on getting breathtaking views over the turquoise blue surface of the sea. You will walk past flocks of sheep and through the aromatic Macchia down to the Golgo alpine plateau.

Day 3

Circular walk Cala Goloritzé 12 km + 560 m – 560 m

Today a walk to the spectacular bay of Cala Goloritzé is waiting for you. It is a very special highlight! You will walk through a gorge with a view of the impressive cliffs and to a 120 meter tall rock crag, which reflects in the crystal clear, sparkling water. After a swimming break in a wonderful bay, you make your way back to Golgo where the comfortable “Rifguio” is.

Day 4

Circular walk Cala Mariolu 12 km + 300 m – 300 m

Today you walk across the wild and romantic Golgo plateau until you get to the Arcobaleno natural rock arch, which is today’s destination. From here, you will get wonderful panorama views over the deep blue sea, which is far beneath you. After this, adventurous and sure footed walkers can continue by climbing up steep tracks via the Wacholderholz-Leitern and then down to the Cala Mariolu bay.

Day 5

Golgo – Cala Gonone 12 km + 620 m – 600 m

After a short transfer to the Cala Sisine beach, you will walk uphill between the carob trees and the holm oaks. At the same time, you can marvel at the rugged coast and the glistening sea. Your path takes you via an endless karst plateau to the wonderful swimming bay, Cala Luna. This is one of the nicest beaches in Sardinia. Then take the boat to the holiday destination, Cala Gonone where you can spend the next days right by the sea

Day 6

Circular walk Cala Fuili and Cala Luna 9 km + 210 m – 220 m

A magnificent walk takes you via the small and well-hidden rocky bay Cala Fuili to Cala Luna. You will go along a shady hiking trail through forest and coastal terrain past hidden caves and gorges. After a refreshing swim in the sea and a stop in a beach bar, you take a ship pack to Cala Gonone with the option to take a stop at the fascinating stalactite caves in Bue Marino.

Day 7

Circular Walk Monte Irveri 17 km + 630 m – 630 m

Walk from the coast down to the top of the pass from where you get expansive views of Sardinia’s inland. You walk around the Monte Irveri and then get to the idyllic sandy beach Cala Cartoe. By walking along the cliffs you will get fantastic views of the Gulf of Orosei. Up high on the cliffs is a great place to reflect on your week’s walking.

Day 8

Individual departure or extension



    • 7 nights' accommodation
    • Breakfast
    • Luggage transfer
    • Transfer on the day 5
    • Carefully elaborated route description
    • Detailed travel documents 1 per room
    • GPS data is available
    • Service hotline

    Not Included:

    • Any visitor’s taxes, payable locally
    • 2x boat ride to Cala Gonone, approximately EUR 10 per person and journey
    • Organized transfers to Santa Maria Navarrese:  Cagliari airport for 1-3 people EUR 265 per journey, for 4-8 people EUR 285, duration approximately 2 hours; Olbia airport for 1-3 people EUR 279 per journey, for 4-8 people EUR 309, duration approximately 2.5 hours; must be booked and paid in advance
    • Organized transfers from Cala Ganone:  Cagliari airport for 1-3 people EUR 335 per journey, for 4-8 people EUR 359 per journey, duration approximately 3 hours; Olbia airport for 1-3 people EUR 185 per journey, for 4-8 people EUR 279, duration approximately 1.5 hours; must be booked and paid in advance
    • Organized return transfers from Cala Gonone to Santa Maria Navarrese:  for 1-3 people EUR 159 per journey, for 4-8 people EUR 239 per journey, duration approximately 1.5 hours; must be booked and paid in advance

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