Boat and Bike tours are the latest in European Travel

A person walks her bike down a ramp from a river cruise ship on to the quai. The sky is blue and there is a green tree in the background.


Boat and Bike tours are the latest in European Travel

Do we have a great idea for your next visit to Europe?

Yes we do. 

Navigating Europe is not always the easiest thing. So many countries, so many languages. So many landscapes. So much history. Where does one start? It can be overwhelming to make choices. But it doesn’t have to be.

Let us introduce you to a really great way of traveling. Traveling that combines the convenience of a comfortable place to stay with visiting historic places without having to worry about hotel search.

Boat and bike tours

We are talking about boat and bike (or bike and barge) tours here. It’s a phenomenon that really took off in the last decade and a half or so. 

Gone are the days of sitting in a tour bus or lounging on a river boat sipping lukewarm white wine. Today, those same boats carry bikes to allow you to find your own way during the day, while the river boat waits for you in the harbour. Or the next quai, or the next downtown mooring site. How about cycling along historic canals, passing 13th century villages, having Sachertorte in Vienna, trying cheese in Gouda or a cold beer in Prague?

Cycling and dining on boat and bike tours

Mmmmm, we hear you thinking, that sounds like work. Well not really. You’d book a tour with us, fly to the starting place and for an entire week, or two, or three, you’ll be eating and sleeping on the ship at night, while you bike during the day. No worries finding a place to stay every night, no worries about where to eat after cycling as all food is included in the price of the trip (some conditions apply). 

Sometimes your ship moves to the next village, city or town and you meet up with the boat at the end of the afternoon, other times you return to the same spot and the boat sails to the next destination in the late afternoon. It’s like your hotel travels with you. Same room, same shower, same bed!

A person cyles towards us. The sky is a mix of sun and clouds. the pathway for cycling and walking runs past two windmills that are painted green.
Visitng the windmills in Zaandam (Zaanse Schans) is a highlight in the area north of Amsterdam

Guided and semi-guided tours

You can often choose for a guided or semi-guided tour. If you choose a guided tour, someone will be cycling with the group the whole day, taking you to interesting places and sharing local stories. Semi-guided tours are less expensive, and after a briefing the night before and armed with your maps and GPS tracks, you can follow the predetermined route (or find some alternatives if you are brave) and meet the ship and your fellow travelers at the end of the day again. Each has their advantages and it is really up to you what you feel comfortable with.

Pricing for boat and bike tours

Pricing is very reasonable, considering you pay for full board. You pay extra for bikes, because sometimes people like to bring their own bikes (usually the Europeans), some people like regular bikes, others like e-bikes. Hence, rental is a separate line item.

What’s on offer for boat and bike tours? 

There are many options to choose from, so let’s mention a few here. Very popular are the Danube trips in Germany and Austria, going as far as Romania. You can bike in the Netherlands, a cycling paradise. Then there are trips in Burgundy (France), or a trip from Paris to Brugge, and then continue from Brugge to Amsterdam. We can definitely help you choose your perfect boat and bike trip.

Ready to bike in Europe but not ready to search endlessly for hotels and routes on websites that never tell you all the hidden costs? Connect with Kat for more information (internal link to contact page) .

Not convinced yet? 

Read colleague Hans on the Bike’s blog in which he and his wife describe their experiences on a boat and bike tour from Utrecht via Haarlem en Zaandam to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. A boat and bike trip in the Netherlands (

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